The Kaffa Barrel is here!

We decided to try something new and hopefully lead the pack!

We believe that when given the choice, people tend to do the right thing. That’s why it’s so important for businesses like us to implement environmental initiatives that make it easier to choose options that use less resources and create less waste. That’s exactly what we aim to do with our new coffee-barrel program, which offers all our Helsinki-area B2B customers the option to receive their coffee in a barrel that’s designed with hygiene, quality, longevity and the environment in mind.

Order, use, return, rinse and repeat. Choosing the right thing over and over again can have a huge impact on the planet. And that’s not nothing.

After ten use-return-cycles, coffee-barrels already beat single-use recyclable coffee bags in their calculated carbon footprint. That means every cycle to follow we are making the world of coffee a little better. Our aim is to reuse the barrels for as long as we can, and the preliminary estimations suggest they are in great shape even after a hundred service cycles! Our pretty pretty bioplastic barrels are made by our Dutch friends at CurTec.

Empty barrels are returned to their home at Kaffa, where we lovingly wash them and refill them again before their next destination. Each barrel is an individual and equipped with it’s personal barcode, that ensures we can monitor its life and journey. As anything, barrels will take a toll with age and will eventually be removed from circulation, only to be recycled again. That’s what we call a circular economy. Be a part of the circle.

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