Our new dark roast Tumma Sumu is finally here!

The day we've been waiting for! Since many months now our team has been working on perfecting this new blend that will be in the Classics selection from Friday the 22nd January!

Tumma Sumu will replace a loved classic, Tumma Monsuuni on our selection. We know some of the die-hard fans of this specific blends might feel upset so we'd like to elaborate on what brought us to this decision.

After contemplating on the impact we can have as a small roaster for our producers all over the world, we have realised that the greatest impact we can make in the life of a community is through buying more coffee from them. This thought lead us to a decision to streamline our selection and sadly let go of some of our single origins, in order to buy larger amounts from the remaining ones and thus have more of an impact in the building of infrastructure, processing plants, community schools and so forth of those areas.

Unfortunately for Tumma Monsuuni, one of the origins we will no longer be buying coffee from is India. Monsoon Malabar type of coffee is specific to India, and therefore this will no longer be in our selection. It's not that we have anything against it or against India as a coffee producing country. We just know now that the best transparency and impact we can achieve is in other countries. 

Sometimes we have to make hard decisions to hone in on our values and ensure that we are doing as much good in the world as we can. Even if that means letting go of a top seller coffee. 

HOWEVER, we feel strongly that Tumma Sumu came out fantastic. Like, much better than Tumma Monsuuni ever was. In saying that, it is a question of preference. Tumma Sumu definitely has more density, softness and elegance to it. And that's just a bit of us.

Here are the specs for this new coffee. We can't wait to hear your guys' thoughts on it! 

Remember also that our roasters are just an email away at roasters@kaffaroastery.fi <3


50 % Uganda, Rwenzori Natural⁠
50 % Guatemala, La Bolsa⁠

Let the deep mist swallow you whole and open your senses. Tread from the cocoa bean to the chestnut tree and the root of a rock polypody. The road to another dimension lies on the other side of the dark and dense veil of reality.

Guatemalan smoothness and density with Ugandan funky spiciness. Roasted long and slow for the deepest darkness. Lingering aromas of burnt toffee, dark chocolate and liquorice.⁠

This blend is best brewed, in our opinion, with a french press or moka pot, as the lack of paper filter allows all the oils to end up in the brew and bring all those mega round intense but smooth aromas into the cup. Try also as a ristretto-styled espresso, perhaps 18g or grinds into a 30g end beverage. With foamed milk, expect a very smooth, chocolatey and low-acidic drink that still packs a delightful coffee punch!⁠

We are very proud of this baby and hopefully you will love it too. Let us know your thoughts!

Also, join our head roaster Mike for a tasting on our Youtube channel tomorrow

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