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100% Rwanda, Lake Kivu, Nyamasheke, Gitwe

VARIETALS: Red Bourbon



Gitwe is a clean, washed Red Bourbon, with a fresh and light acidity, which makes this coffee the perfect  brew for these sunny spring mornings! In the aroma you will find some clementine, honeydew melon, and tropical fruit. 

Gitwe, as other Rwandan coffees in our selection, is brought to us by the Rwanda Trading Company. In Rwanda, coffee is farmed almost exclusively by small farmers, who often produce only one or two bags of coffee each. The washing stations are kept up by RTC in a co-operative manner. These stations "compete" for the best farmers with prices and other services, such as trainings that they can offer. This ensures that both the washing stations as well as the farmers are constantly improving and innovating, to produce even better coffees.