Have a coffee kick to the event

We lend our professional bars and state-of-the-art coffee making equipment to create a positive, coffee-scented atmosphere for events, from fairs to in-house events. You get to choose the coffees and the brewing methods that make you stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s a showy chemex or syphon coffee or a cappuccino, our baristas handle anything with dope attitude and skill. Kaffa Roastery's handcrafted small roastery coffees are guaranteed to impress!

Regardless of the size of your event, we at Kaffa want to spread the message of quality artisan coffee to your audience as well.

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Customer story

Flow Festival and Oatly

Flow combines the best aspects of urban culture. The offering here is irresistible. In addition to excellent music there's good food and drink, art and to top it all off it's organised in a stunning old factory area in the middle of Helsinki. Here our coffee is at home. Thank you to all the participants and partners for being able to be with you in one of the finest events of the summer!

We want to continue to be where it's all at. At its best, our coffee is part of a bigger feeling, an experience to elevate others. Good coffee helps you relax and cope in the middle of a busy event. The attractive aroma of freshly ground coffee alone will make many feel ecstatic. Handcrafted from start to finish, good coffee provides an excellent reason to stop for a moment to enjoy and chat. And no small queue seems that annoying when there’s something really worth the wait at the end of it! Finally, when there is a lot to see and do, it’s good to keep yourself alert - and what better way to do that than coffee.