Colombia Arvey Rojas

Colombia Arvey Rojas


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100% Colombia, Inza, El Aquacatal

VARIETALS:  Castillo, Caturra ja Columbia




Arvey Rojas is traditional washed mix of Castillo, Caurra and Columbia varieties. Clean, bright, full of body of life. Arvey Rojas has been growing coffee on his small farm for 11 years. Hand picked and pulped at Arvey's farm El Aguacatal in Columbia. the coffees are then fermented with water for 20-40 hours, depending on the weather conditions. Longer fermentation will result in a bit different flavours, usually rounder and more pronounced body, where shorter fermentations will be more acidic and bright.

Juicy tangerine and blood grapefruit stand out in the taste, but also a deliciously tickling taste of dark chocolate.