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Say what?

Coffee, straight to your mailbox, every two or four weeks. Always fresh, always exciting. Our roasters choose two different single origin coffees, that will not let you down. 2 x 150 grams, that is 300grams in one package. And all you have to do is nothing. What a time to be alive!

What coffees are in the package?

That's the fun of it all. The coffees will change with seasons and each and every one is it's own individual. Most often these coffees are roaster fairly light to bring out the natural aromas of the beans as well as possible. Some are natural, some washed, some something in between. There will always be a little info in the package for you to learn more! There might be same coffees coming in various weeks, but never with the same "pair" in the package.

Can I get my coffee ground?

At this moment we only offer beans or filter grind. If you'd like to play around with grind size, we recommend you to check out our grinder selection!

When will I get my coffee?

As soon as we receive your order, we will send a package on it's way to quench the most acute coffee thirst. Your actual subscription begins from the next roast batch, so that you will be synced with the other 4 or 2 weeks subscribers.

We roast your coffee either every two weeks or every four weeks, depending on your subscription. In the first welcome package you will find a letter that telss you when is the next time your coffee will be roasted. After the start, your coffee will arrive consistently.

Wait, it comes all the way to my home?

Well, yes in a perfect world and as we have set it up, your package is the size that it fits almost every mailbox out there. There are exceptions though, and maybe those with tiny mailboxes recognise themselves.. However, if the mailman isn't able to shove the letter in through your mailbox, it will be delivered to your nearest pick up point! We are tracking all packages like the coffeehawks we are, so if one goes missing, we have your back!

What if I want more coffee?

Alright, tiger! If you drink a lot of coffee and you need more than 300grams every two weeks, you can always make multiple subscriptions or opt to order our larger bags from the webshop.

Can i change or freeze my order?

Sure thing! Be in touch and we will fix it for you.

What if I change my mind?

No problem. You can cancel your order any time and return back when the time is right!

It's about time to stop scratching that handsome head at a checkouts or coffee aisles. Leave the hard work to us and sit back and relax! Can you smell the fresh coffee already..?