Coffee tasting (ENG) 22.11.2023
Coffee tasting (ENG) 22.11.2023

Coffee tasting (ENG) 22.11.2023

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Normaalihinta €50,00
Yksikköhinta  kohti 

Time: klo. 16.30-18.00
Duration: 1,5h
Participants: max 5 persons
Price: 50 €/person
Location: Pursimiehenkatu 29, 00150 Helsinki

The course is held if there's at least three participants. 

In coffee tasting you will learn how to taste coffee using the cupping method. We go trought coffee's journey from bean to cup and talk about different origin countries, processing methods, roasting and how all this affects the final taste of coffee. During the course we taste different coffees side by side and  in the end everyone can choose one bag to take home.