Filter Workshop (ENG) 8.12.2021

Filter Workshop (ENG) 8.12.2021

5 paikkaa jäljellä

Normaalihinta €60,00
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Date: 8.12.2021 16:30-18:30
Duration: 2h
Participants: max 5 persons
Price: 60 €/person

Let's dive into the world of filter coffee! In this course we will get to know filter methods, such as V60, Chemex and Aeropress, and even syphon. We will test out the equipment, learn about extraction times and quantities and you will discover how the method of brewing actually affects the final result.

Please note we ask participants to present a passport for two Covid-19-vaccines or proof of recovery from the virus. We do this to protect our staff and functionality from the still very real threat of the virus. Thank you for understanding.