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Christmas coffee time!

Joulukahvi pussi

The long awaited Kaffa Joulukahvi Christmas coffee is here again.

Once again our take on the perfect christmas coffee is medium roasted, chocolatey with bright aromas of orange marmalade and the smoothness of nougat. This coffee is a mix of two beans, one from Kedamai co-operative in Ethiopia and other from our long time friend Pedro in Brazil. Ethiopian coffee makes 70% of the final blend and lends it’s lively, bright fruity notes fantastically to be balanced by the nutty, chocolate softness of the Brazilian.

We believe that the best Christmas coffee is one that is as much at home on a chilly winter morning as it is enjoyed after a celebratory dinner, with a slice of fruit cake.

Kaffa Roastery Joulukahvi

For a second year now our Joulukahvi is wrapped in this beautiful bag design by Jari Salo. Works as a gift on it’s own, or a stunning addition to the coffee shelf.

Christmas cheer all the way to our farmers

This year Joulukahvi brings the Christmas spirit in more than one way. Because 70% of the beans come from Ethiopia, we have decided to donate one euro for each bag sold through our webshop or Punavuori coffee bar to the Beshasha school project in Ethiopia. In addition to that, we top the donation off with a matching amount, as a present to our business customers.

Education through coffee

Beshasha is a village located in the Oromia region in Ethiopia. The school - or better yet, schools - that have been built in the area now serve the larger community by bringing an opportunity for education that has previously been missing from the rural communities. Many of the farmers and their family members from Kedamai also attend the Beshasha School.

Coffee money has enabled the co-operatives of the area to invest into the project continuously so that the school now serves even the oldest students, those studying at University levels. Although much has been achieved thus far, the project still needs funds for equipment and improvements, such as desks, chairs and materials.

Access to education is a vital part of improving the standard of living in these areas and it also makes improving the overall infrastructure possible. This in turn, makes farming better coffee and receiving better money for the coffee feasible for the farmers in the area. Better coffee, better money, better infrastructure - it’s a circle and a gift that truly keeps on giving.

So by purchasing Joulukahvi from us you are a part of pushing this snowball effect on and for that we thank you! We hope you can feel the christmas spirit while sipping on the Kaffa christmas coffee and we wish you a very merry Christmas!.

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