Could office coffee be the easiest step to better well-being at work and building community? The answer is Kaffa Coffice!

Office coffee - you can't live with it and you can't live without it. Gone are the days of "plasma" coffee burning in a pan in the breakroom for hours on end. A small investment in good office coffee can make the coffee break once more a teams favourite moment together.
A good cup of coffee can be a brisk start to a morning meeting, a way to make an impact on an important customer, or a refueling and reviving moment to relax at work. Good coffee is a positive resource. As a Kaffa Coffice customer, you always enjoy fresh, tasty and responsibly produced coffee.

We provide both espresso-based special coffees and filter coffee. If you're not sure what to choose, we'd love to organise a free coffee tastings, which allows you to choose your perfect office coffee together with your team! Just stop by at our Punavuori Roastery bar - this ones on us!

We can create a coffee-like café milieu for your workplace or implement Coffice more lightly with the most suitable equipment solutions. However, coffee remains the star of the show.

We regularly monitor quality and service the equipment as agreed. This way we can be sure that the quality of the coffee will remain excellent. We also offer coffee trainings, where our professional trainers teach and inspire your staff about good coffee.e.

Work and times change - good coffee stays.

When you miss office coffee at home, help is at hand. As a Kaffa customer, your employees also get nice benefits in our online store.

We also offer the employer the option to order "office coffees" to be delivered to employees' homes. Coffee moments may go online but coffee is still good, In Real Life.

We also offer our Helsinki-area customers the opportunity to order their coffee in refillable coffee barrels, that cut down the carbon footprint significantly. Read more about Kaffa's responsibility actions under the responsibility section so you can see if our responsibility values are in line with yours!