Tastier coffee for offices

Office coffee, you can't live with it and you can't live without it.

Good coffee is an even more important part of everyday office life. It is worth investing in office coffee, because coffee brings people together and increases well-being at work.

As a Kaffa Coffice customer, you always enjoy fresh, tasty and responsibly produced coffee.

Kaffa Coffice offers options for different needs:

1. Are you looking for a new coffee machine, grinder, kettle or coffee? You can get everything from us in one place. 

2. Would you be interested in espresso-based milk coffee drinks and filter coffees? It is possible to deliver both to each office.

3. Would you like a coffee shop milieu in your workplace? We can implement Coffice branded or lighter with the most suitable equipment solutions. However, coffee always remains the main focus.

If you're still wondering, we offer a so-called "cupping", a tasting event, completely free of charge! This way, together with your work team, you can choose the perfect office coffee for you. No worries, you can book a tasting without having to buy.

We visit regularly to monitor the quality and maintain the equipment according to the agreement. This way we can be sure that the quality of the coffee remains excellent.

More responsible office coffee

We are constantly working towards a more ethical and sustainable coffee culture in Finland. We always publish the prices of our raw coffees on our website and communicate transparently about responsibility. In the capital region, we offer the opportunity to buy coffee in Kaffa coffee barrels, whose carbon footprint is ten times smaller than that of recyclable coffee bags. Read more about Kaffa's responsibility here and see if our responsibility values are in line with yours!

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