Coffee equipment for offices and professional use

Espresso machines, filter coffee makers, and grinders for professional coffee preparation.

Whether you need a coffee maker for the office or an espresso machine for a café, we offer high-quality equipment at competitive prices. Our selection includes coffee machines from brands such as Bunn, Rancilio, Jura, WMF, Moccamaster, and Mahlkönig, ranging from grinders to brewers.

Together, we can tailor a specific set of equipment that suits your needs and environment. We import some coffee accessories ourselves and source the rest through our partners. Our range includes dozens of different grinders, coffee machines, and manual brewing equipment.

We promise to provide the most competitive prices! Feel free to inquire about our rental options as well.

  • Jura Giga X8

    Jura coffee makers are classic products in offices. The coffee machine includes two bean containers, quiet coffee grinders, and a separate hot water tap. Used coffee grounds go into their own container. The recipes are easily adjustable, and the cleaning program is also very straightforward.

  • WMF 5000s+

    WMF enables quiet coffee brewing. The touchscreen is large and clear. The height of the coffee spout can be adjusted, and the device even features a steam-operated cup warmer. An automatic cleaning program makes the daily routines easier.

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How to choose the right coffee machine?

Tasty coffee positively influences the workplace atmosphere and productivity, and with a high-quality coffee machine, you can, of course, get good coffee. Good coffee in the office is not just for enjoyment; it also boosts employees' spirits and creates relaxed moments for conversation. Grab the best tips for choosing a coffee machine, and soon you can offer the best possible coffee in your work environment!

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  • Bunn ICBA

    A water-connected coffee maker that allows you to pour coffee directly into the thermos. The device can be programmed with various brewing quantities and recipes for different types of coffee. Bunn features a display that indicates the brewing time and a separate hot water tap for, for example, tea water.

  • Moccamaster Thermoking

    An ECBC-approved and well-known coffee maker is sure to brew excellent coffee that pleases even the most discerning coffee drinkers. The Moccamaster is handcrafted in the Netherlands. The device has a manually filled water reservoir, but there is also a model available with a water connection.

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