Equpment, grinders, brewers, coffee and professional support - all in one place from Kaffa!.

As the evening draws towards the end, and the hours roll on, a lunch can stretch into dinner, dinner into drinks, drinks into small snacks and meaningful conversations. When there's so much to talk about, there’s nothing as wonderfully elevating as a cup of really good coffee. Double espresso, Café Au Lait, Hot Shot or just basic coffee. It’s the perfect treat to invigorate the mind, to guide us deeper into these wonderful moments, relaxation, and maybe even one before going home.

Good coffee is not just a side-show product!

A good coffee is the crown of lunch or dinner, a source of conversation or even a criteria for choosing a restaurant for some. Good coffee tells you that all the elements of a restaurant experience are thought through. It is no coincidence that our customer restaurant Palace is the best restaurant in Finland, and in connection with this honor also received a special mention for "Best Coffee". By the way, Kaffas Geisha, one of the most prestigious coffee varieties in the world, is drunk at Palace and is manually brewed with a Chemex to order.

It’s time to serve good coffee. Coffee that also does good.

We boldly test industry trends in our own café and are constantly developing new coffee recipes. With us, you can get to know the roastery operations and the coffee journey, from raw beans all the way to the cup. When you serve Kaffa, you know that your coffee is ethically and sustainably produced, always fresh and top quality.

Our professional baristas will guide and train your staff on the secrets of good coffee, and through us you can also rent or acquire all the necessary equipment. Through training and lovingly done quality control, we systematically ensure a consistent and excellent end result.

At its best, coffee is a holistic experience, so much more than just coffee grounds and hot water. We help you build the framework that best suits you and supports the production of good coffee.

We also offer our Helsinki-area customers the opportunity to order their coffee in refillable coffee barrels, that cut down the carbon footprint significantly. Read more about Kaffa's responsibility actions under the responsibility section so you can see if our responsibility values are in line with yours!

Customer story
Fratello Torrefazione

Fratello is one of our longest-standing customers. They have successfully implemented new and groundbreaking coffee making methods in the cafe environment. Fratello Torrefazione is a must-see coffee destination for many Helsinki residents or visitors, and Kaffa roasts their own coffees, which can also be bought to take home in Torre's own bag. There is no compromise on quality here, and that works for us just perfectly.

Custom Label Coffee

We are also able to package your coffee in a custom label bag, for your guests to take home with them! Ask us for more information and options.