Coffee Beans and Equipment for Foodservice sector

Good coffee is not just a product for initial attraction!

The coffee created by a high-quality espresso machine and a skilled barista is not just a beverage; it opens the door to the soul of the restaurant. It is the crowning glory of a meal, creating an enchanting atmosphere and even serving as a criterion for choosing a restaurant.

Specialty coffee equipment and espresso machines for cafes, coffee grinders, filter coffee makers – you can get all your coffee equipment either for rent or purchase from us!

  • Free Trainings

    Our skilled baristas will guide your staff into the secrets of coffee. Through training sessions combined with quality control, we ensure consistent and excellent results.

  • Professional support

    You'll have the opportunity to explore the roasting process and the journey of coffee from raw beans to the finished product. In our cafe, we test industry trends and develop new recipes to keep things innovative and exciting.

  • Coffee beans in barrels

    In the Helsinki area, we provide the opportunity to purchase coffee in Kaffa's coffee barrels, which have a carbon footprint ten times smaller than recyclable coffee bags.

  • More sustainable coffee

    We are continuously working towards a more ethical and sustainable coffee culture in Finland. We consistently publish the prices of our green coffee beans and communicate transparently about our commitment to responsibility.

  • Coffee equipment

    You can rent or purchase all the necessary equipment for your café through us, from espresso machines to drip coffee makers. Just let us know your needs, and we'll assist you in selecting the right equipment for you!

  • Branding

    Kaffa is known for its high-quality coffees. Our coffee cards, branding materials, videos, and other resources will tell the story of responsible coffee to your customers, helping boost coffee sales.

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Coffee is at its best when it becomes a holistic experience – so much more than just coffee grounds and hot water. We assist in creating the framework that best supports the preparation of excellent coffee.

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  • Picnic

    Picnic's delicious breakfasts and lunches are crafted from high-quality ingredients, and we take great pride in roasting responsible coffees to accompany them.

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  • Kiasma Café

    The selection at Kiasma Café delights both contemporary art enthusiasts and lunch-goers from the nearby area. The coffee comes from us, straight from the heart of Punavuori.

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  • Café Puusti

    Many consider the cinnamon rolls at Café Puusti in Tampere to be the best in Finland. From the very beginning, they have been served with Kaffa's coffee as their companion.

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