Good coffee is not just a product for initial attraction!

Good coffee is the crowning glory of lunch or dinner, a conversation starter or even the reason for choosing a restaurant. Good coffee means that all elements are valued and precisely considered. It is no mere coincidence that one of our clients, restaurant Palace, was chosen as the best restaurant in Finland for the third time in a row in 2022 and that they received a special honor for the best coffee in connection with this award.

Equipment, grinders, kettles, coffees ,and professional support and guidance - from Kaffa you get everything in one package.

By choosing Kaffa:

1. You get to learn about roastery operations and the journey of coffee from raw bean to finished coffee. We boldly test industry trends in our own cafe and constantly develop new coffee recipes.

2. You know that the coffee you serve is ethically and sustainably produced, always fresh and of top quality.

3. Our professional baristas guide and train the staff in the secrets of great coffee. With the help of the trainings and the quality control connected to them, we systematically ensure a consistent and excellent end result.

4. You can rent and get all the necessary tools and gadgets through us.

5. In the capital region of Finland, we offer the opportunity to buy coffee in Kaffa coffee barrels, which has a ten times smaller carbon footprint than that of recyclable coffee bags. Read more about Kaffa's responsibility here.

At its best, coffee is a comprehensive experience - so much more than just coffee grounds and hot water. We help you build the framework that best supports the preparation of good coffee.

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