Kaffa is a flat organization, meaning there are no bosses or managers here (Except, of course, Svante).

Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

In order to make this work it’s essential that we are all mad about coffee, one way or another. We think that if you get to work with your passion and curiosity, you don’t need to be governed too much. It might just stifle all that creativity.

The team at Kaffa is made up of over twenty coffee enthusiasts, and everyone brings their special flavour into the mix. You can be in touch with any one of us by e-mail or meet us at the Punavuori roastery and coffee bar!

Svante Hampf

Petri Virta

Uudet asiakkaat
Toimistot, kahvilat ja ravintolat

+358 41 531 6186‬

Sami Ristaho

Toimistot ja jälleenmyyjät
‭+358 50 533 8210‬

Kari Rinne

Anne-Marie Sy

Anemone Aaltonen

Niina Hampf

HRM, hallinto, laskutus

Mikael Ylinen

IT & tietohallinto

Johanna Ikonen


Michael Akins

Jonna Korhonen

Paahtaja, kouluttaja

Aki Pentikäinen

Henry Wright

Tetja Leivo

Marte Flesvig

Bar Manager, barista

Kaisa Kokkonen

Barista, kouluttaja, asiakasvastaava

Kyle Magyar

Barista, kouluttaja

Olli Annanpalo

Barista, kouluttaja

Maryna Lunhu

Iita Stenberg

Tapahtumat, barista