Do you want high-quality and responsibly produced coffee?

Good news: Finns are increasingly valuing high-quality and ethically produced coffee on their coffee tables! Traditional brick-like packages containing industrially produced generic coffee are falling behind handcrafted quality coffee.

Freshness, traceability of origin, and quality are our passions.

We are dedicated to bringing quality coffee within reach of every Finn. Read more about our sustainability efforts here!

Kaffa's Coffees - Guaranteed Quality All Year Round.

Kaffa's coffees are synonymous with consistent quality throughout the year.
  • Whether you're looking for light-roasted, medium-roasted, or darker coffee, our Classic Range has something for everyone.
  • Our Single Origin coffees vary with the seasons, encouraging your customers to try something new and delicious.
  • Seasonal coffees inspire all kinds of coffee drinkers to experiment with new flavors.
  • AINA coffees offer quality, affordability, and deliciousness all in one package.

Expert support for coffee selection and branding!

Need help choosing coffees? Don't worry, we are here for that! We provide expert assistance in selecting the right coffee and branding for your take-away coffee point and shelves. We want to ensure that you choose the perfect coffee options for your customers.


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