Come for us to learn, feel and be inspired by coffee

Whether you are a chick in the coffee world or an established caffeine addict, you are sure to find the courses that are best for you from our comprehensive selection. The trainings dive into the wonderful world of manual filter coffee, make art with milk, learn coffee theory and everything that happens between a coffee plantation and a coffee cup.

Barista Workshop

A comprehensive basic course during which we will introduce you to the secrets of espresso-based coffee drinks.

Latte Artist

The training focuses purely on the patterns of milk poured on the surface of espresso, i.e. latte Art.

Manual Brewing

Dive into the world of filter coffee, including testing equipment, technology and the end result.


We will get to know the world of coffee aromas in a nice tasting session. At its best together with friends.

Crop to Cup

We will acquaint you with the journey of coffee from bean to cup and tell you about the effect of different production stages of bean on the taste of coffee.

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