Coffee has to make an impact!

Kaffa Roastery has been roasting fresh and tasty coffee for Finns since 2007. It all started when Svante and his friends had a mind-blowing idea. We in Finland drink the most coffee in the world. Could we also drink the best coffee in the world? We believe the answer to this is yes, and our job is to prove it. The first roaster was a popcorn machine. The friends did wild experiments that even the most experienced coffee experts wouldn't do. Some wild experiments were made, some roasteries were burnt. Lessons were learnt.

The best coffee in the world is the sum of many factors. Kaffa Roastery's coffees are roasted and packaged by hand in Helsinki Merikortteli. The customer always gets our coffee freshly roasted. Our professional staff does their work with passion and a big heart. In order to guarantee the quality and ethics of the coffee, we buy coffee beans directly from coffee farms as much as possible, avoiding unnecessary middlemen. We guarantee the quality of the coffee and the development of our coffee products by constantly testing and experimenting with different ideas.
At the center of our values is fun, and in addition there is bravery, honesty, caring and smoothness. We want to be transparent in all our activities. We care about coffee, our employees and our customers. We believe that by acting on the basis of our values, we can serve our customers in the best possible way.

You can visit us at the Punavuori roastery and coffee bar, which have been operating since 2009!

Kaffa is coffee that stays in the mind.

Svante Hampf, Founder and Managing Director, Kaffa Roastery

What it takes to make good coffee?