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AI-CONIC - AI coffee

AI-CONIC - AI coffee

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Coffee made with AI - Limited Edition

40% Brazil, Fazenda Pinhal
25% Guatemala, La Bolsa
25% Colombia, San Lorenzo
10% Ethiopia, Geruke

The World's first artificial intelligence coffee created with the help of language models!

Embark on a unique adventure with AI-CONIC, a groundbreaking coffee blend crafted by Artificial Intelligence. This exceptional coffee takes you on a journey through the world's most renowned coffee regions, from the vibrant Brazilian plains to the storied Ethiopian highlands, infused with the rich profiles of Colombian landscapes and a whisper of Guatemalan intrigue. AI-CONIC is not just a coffee; it's a testament to the harmonious blend of technology and tradition, offering a sophisticated and multi-layered experience in every cup.

Juicy and dynamic. A well balanced blend of sweetness and ripe fruit.

How the idea of AI-CONIC coffee came together?

Antti has been a longtime customer at Kaffa Roastery. One day Antti and Kaffa team had the idea to join their forces to create an innovative beverage - a coffee blend created by the help of AI.

Kaffa Roastery had some data about their bestselling coffee blends and they gave them for Elev team who then started working with AI. Elev team gave the existing data to AI and let the large language models do the work and determine the best coffee blend. After AI did its part, Kaffa’s coffee experts did theirs. First test roasting was successful and during the blind tasting they realized that the perfect blend was there.

How was Artificial Intelligence used in the product development and what did our head roaster Mike think about the coffee blend proposed by AI? Read more about the project here. AI-CONIC coffee project was done in co-operation with Elev Consulting, which offers artificial intelligence training.

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