Hario Coffee Syphon Technica

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Hario Coffee Syphon Technica

Varastossa 8 kpl

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For the crazy scientists of the coffee world.

Be sure to make a lasting impact at the coffee table.

The Syphon is formed of four parts and works in the following way: Water is added to the lower bowl, on top of the heat element. As the water heats, a vacuum phenomenon raises it up to the upper bowl. This is where the brewing happens. Now the heat element is swiched off, and a vacuum drives the coffee back into the lower bowl, where it is ready to be served!

Using the syphon might take a few tries, but is eventually quite simple to use. A bit of practice is rewarded with a fantastic cup of coffee.

The durable, heat resistant parts make this a long term partner, but if accidents happen, all parts are also sold separately. Available in two sizes: 03 (3,6 dl) and 05 (6 dl).