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Kesäkahvilla Seurasaaren Kruunussa - Esittelyssä Kaffan asiakkaat

Moni kahvila ja ravintola elää kesäsesongista. Lämpimien kelien myötä ihmiset liikkuvat kauemmas kotoa ja poikkeavat pidemmälle työmatkallaan hyvän kahvin tai ruoan perässä. Kun säät sallivat, moni viettää terasseilla tuntikausia. Hyvä juomatuote on silloin avainasemassa, asiantuntevan palvelun ja kauniin sijainnin lisäksi.

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Save the Earth - it's the only planet with coffee!

We’re in the business of coffee, but on a deeper, more meaningful level we are in the business of doing good. Doing good in the world is not a nice-to-have, it’s an essential. For the industry that is our bread and butter, the climate crisis is presenting a threat far beyond any it’s ever faced before. 

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Ten years of roasting at Kaffa!

Our head roaster Mike has clocked and impressive ten years at Kaffa this month! Ten years in any business these days is an achievement, and in a business as young as Kaffa even more so. There’s no denying that he has been there through it all, and has had a huge contribution to what we are today. Not only in terms of quality and sustainability of the product, but building the brand and company itself.Ask anyone at Kaffa and they will tell you they could listen to Mike talk about coffee for hours and hours. His knowledge and passion for the subject is apparent in everything he does around here, and he is generous with it, always teaching others and...

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