Origin country: Brazil

For more than 10 years, we have worked together with the Brazilian Pedro Gabarra, whose farm has already been selected as the most responsible coffee farm in the country several times. At Pedro's Pinhal coffee farm, work is constantly being done for both social sustainability and a more environmentally friendly future. The division of labor has been made so that Pedro is more responsible for environmental issues and his sister Mariana takes on matters related to social responsibility.

In the video, Mike, our main roaster and responsible for buying raw coffee, tells more about Brazil, and the interview also features the farmer himself, Pedro:

Taking care of the environment is very important to Pedro. The nature flourishing on the farm has gradually been able to return to its original form. Coffee trees account for only 35% of the vegetation.

All electricity is produced by solar panels, and even more electricity is produced than what the farm needs. Pedro has calculated the carbon footprint of his farm with many different meters and all of them have shown that the farm is carbon neutral.

The coffee farm's future prospects

Climate change is the biggest problem that Pedro feels is hindering the operation of the farm now and in the future. With that comes colder periods and the flowering of the coffee plant changes. Another challenge is that there are no new workers in the industry, because young people don't seem to be interested in picking coffee berries anymore.

Pinhal's farm has many different certificates, which have been useful at the start of the operation, because with their help Pedro and his partners have been able to get a map of the various restrictions and rules. Now the farm is already at the point where, instead of applying for new certificates, the focus is on good cooperation with different parties, such as Kaffa.

  • Employees

    • With permanent contract: 67
    • With seasonal contract: 48
  • Amount of women

    • With permanent contract: 27
    • In a leading position: 1
  • Vacation

    • Vacation days in a year: 30
  • Benefits for permanent emplyees

    • Work clothes
    • Transportation
    • Insurance
    • Balance to the grocery store
  • Benefits for seasonal emplyees

    • Transportation
    • Insurance
  • Price to farmer


    *In this case the price to farmer is the same than FOB price, because Pedro does the processing himself.

  • FOB price


    FOB is the price per kilo that is paid for fully processed raw coffee.

  • Delivery


  • Total price

    In 2023, we bought a total of 18,840 kg of coffee from the Pinhal farm.

Introducing Pedro Gabarra

  • Greetings from the employees from the most responsible coffee farm in Brazil

    In the video, Pedro's employees tell what it's like to work at Pinhal's farm, and what are the good and bad aspects of their work.

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  • Neglected birds are set free at Pedro's coffee farm

    Smugglers catch thousands of birds from the rainforest every year and sell them on the illegal market. Pedro Gabarra and his sister Mariana are doing their part for the future of birds by releasing them back into the wild.

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  • An incredible trip to Brazil - greetings from our roaster Mike

    Our head roaster Mike visited Pedro and his family at their coffee farms in Fazenda Pinhal and San Antonio in Minas Gerais, Brazil. The trip was especially memorable for the family-oriented atmosphere at Pinhal's farm.

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